On 30-04-2008 20:44:50 +0300, Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
> >  > I will love to see Windows support via cygwin and not commartial product.
> >  > Something like [1], [2].
> >
> > Interix is free and these days bundled with Windwows, IIRC.
> I couldn't understand it from [1], anyway the source is unavailable right?

Heh, yeah, sort of.  See [2].  As far as I understand it,
Interix/Microsoft Services for UNIX plugs directly into the POSIX
whatever of Windows.  What you basically get is the environment where
you can run a shell, and as a sort of bonus a ksh or csh to start off.
What Markus did, was to get normal Gentoo Prefix working on top of that.
To give you an indication of what it looks/feels like, if you start
SFU's ksh (or login through telnet -- hey it still is Windows ;) ), you
can just do a configure && make && make install of bash-3.2 to end up
with a working bash.  Of course Python does NOT compile.

> >  Why do you want it to run on Cygwin?  (Honest question...)
> It is the only project I know providing good support for POSIX Windows
> platform while having Open Source license.

I think in that sense Cygwin is more Open Source, because how you get
the primary shell/environment is available too.  However, for me that
doesn't matter, as the OS itself is inherently non-free in that sense,
so that's what you have to accept first thing anyway.

> But if you are correct and a good POSIX layer is provided built-in in
> Windows, I will be happy to see stage3 for Windows.

Just for your information, we don't do stages at the moment, not in the
forseeable future from my point of view either.  Binpkgs are in the
planning.  In general we just do a full bootstrap, on Interix you need
extra help from "prefix-launcher".

> [1] http://www.interix.com/products_services.htm


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