On 08-05-2008 21:45:00 +0300, Mart Raudsepp wrote:
> d) too early adoption in critical system packages - once above issues
> are solved, higher levels should be using it first, before critical
> system packages (for example shows in the circular dep hell with m4)

been there, done that.

> e) It has been suggested the support should have been added with new
> EAPI instead of local build deps (some of which are missing, for
> instance in the hand-rolled for-no-reason-whatsoever .tar.lzma format
> net-tools doesn't have a dep in addition to using lzma for no good
> reason)

Chill, relax and cool down.  Instead, just ask those who decided to
follow upstream why and if they have even thought about the issues you
brought up.

Fabian Groffen
Gentoo on a different level
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