I've been thinking today that we have a lot of things in sys-devel that
shouldn't probably be there, like pmake and bmake.

I'd propose the following move, if nobody has arguments aginst those:

sys-devel/bmake -> dev-util/bmake
sys-devel/pmake -> dev-util/pmake
sys-devel/bison -> dev-util/bison
sys-devel/flex -> dev-util/flex
sys-devel/autoconf-archive -> dev-util/autoconf-archive
sys-devel/ac-archive -> dev-util/ac-archive
sys-devel/cons -> dev-util/cons
sys-devel/gdb -> dev-util/gdb
sys-devel/omni -> dev-lang/omni

Reasoning for the moves: 

- bmake and pmake are additional make commands from the basic one,
  G/*BSD will have their own in -ubin or -bin, while the rest of the
  system uses GNU make as sys-devel/make;
- bison and flex should get out of the system package set, what clearer
  than moving them out of sys-*? They are not so commonly used so there
  should no compelling reason to have them installed on every system;
- autoconf-archive and ac-archive are not really something for your
- cons is not commonly used as build system, so should probably be
  together with the other not-so-used build systems;
- gdb is not part of the system, this might be a problem for
- omni is ... well not something I'd look for in sys; plus it's a
  compiler so it would probably suite dev-lang better.

There are a few I'm not sure of because I don't know the package at all,
or because I have mixed feelings about them:

sys-devel/remake -> dev-util/remake
sys-devel/sparse -> dev-util/sparse
sys-devel/distcc -> dev-util/distcc
sys-devel/icecream -> dev-util/icecream
sys-devel/m4 -> dev-lang/m4
sys-devel/patch -> app-text/patch
sys-devel/prelink -> sys-apps/prelink (something else? It's not a devel
sys-devel/autogen -> dev-util/autogen
sys-devel/dev86 -> dev-lang/dev86
sys-devel/bin86 -> dev-lang/bin86
sys-devel/gettext -> app-i18n/gettext (well, it's part of system for
G/FBSD, but I'd rather have deps expressed properly...)

Yes these are a lot of moves, sincerely I think sys-* categories are a
bit bloated as they are, and I suppose we should start moving the things
around rather than waiting forever ad ever..

Diego "Flameeyes" Pettenò

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