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> And then there's the sunrise overlay [1].

Yes, but sunrise doesn't (didn't?) take any packages already in the 
tree.  If it's not getting updated in-tree, however, and the only block 
from it being in sunrise is that it's in-tree already (that is, there's 
someone already actively willing to work with it in sunrise, and only 
can't because it's in-tree), then that could be support for removing it 
from the tree.

But better than that would be finding a dev to proxy-maintain it in the 
tree, since the above assumes a user already willing to do the real 
work.  The difference is in-tree with a named proxy-maintainer, or in-
sunrise with the sunrise devs acting as proxies.  Since in-tree is higher 
visibility and availability, that's definitely preferred, and if it's 
already in-tree, the only blocker is then finding someone to be that 
named proxy-maintainer.

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