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Hi again.

Quoting Zac earlier in #gentoo-portage:

21:46 < zmedico> jmbsvicetto: I think we essentially have a spec already
that people can agree on. just take my draft and subtract the eapi*
functions and the gitweb unpack extension.

So we're talking about adding the following to EAPI-2:

~ * The 'doman' helper function recognizes language codes in man page
~   source files, and uses them to generate an appropriate
~   installation path.

~ * The meaning of the !atom blocker syntax now implies that
~   temporary simultaneous installation of conflicting packages is
~   allowed [3].

~ * A new !!atom blocker syntax is now supported, for use in special
~   cases in which temporary simultaneous installation of conflicting
~   packages should not be allowed.

~ * Dependency atoms can be constrained to match specific USE flag
~   states, including USE conditional expressions embedded within
~   the atoms themselves.

~ * SRC_URI supports a syntax extension which allows customization
~   of output file names by using a "->" operator.

~ * A new src_prepare phase function is called after src_unpack.

~ * The old src_compile phase function is split into separate
~   src_configure and src_compile fuctions.

~ * Default phase function implementations for the current EAPI are
~   accessible via a function having a name that begins with default_
~   and ends with the respective phase function name.

~ * The default phase function implementation for the currently
~   executing phase is accessible as a function named 'default'.

Given the earlier discussion about EAPI-2 in
and cardoe's earlier request to the council ml, can the council members
discuss this proposal and consider voting it?
Does anyone have any objections to this proposal?

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