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Michael Hammer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> - An official (by the council accepted) VCS repo (a la git) for the
>   document (EAPI draft or even the PMS spec?)

Uh, already exists.

> - An interface (mailing address) where everyone interested can submit
>   a patch for this document and a herd which is responsible for
>   maintaining and merging the patches if accepted. (<- we need a
>   procedure especially for the accept of patches. Voting, council
>   decision, herd decision)

Already exists.

> - A project page where the patches are published (and evtl. can be
>   voted) and the HEAD is public readable

Already exists.

> - The technical discussion can then be made in mailing list but then
>   every dev has a possibility to follow the technical issues in a
>   concentrated way and we have a place where we can cite and ref to.

Already happens.

> p.S.: If I missed something and something I mentioned already exists
> then please correct me or forget my request but please be also so kind
> and publish in a documentation (perhaps somewhere at [1]) where to
> find informations on the EAPI process.

How much research did you do before sending your email? Did you read
"EAPI and PMS for people who haven't been paying attention"?

Ciaran McCreesh

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