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Petteri Räty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Icedtea has two release tracks. One for the 1.7 OpenJDK code base and 
> one for the 1.6 code base. They have independent version numbering so 
> they can have collisions. By moving the slot to the file name we
> could have icedtea-1.2:1.6.ebuildN and icedtea-1.2:1.7.ebuildN. This 
> particular situation can be worked around of course but it might also
> be better to keep the slot in the file name any way because I often
> find myself needing to know the slot of an ebuild (adjutrix -k of
> course already does this for me quite nicely).

Allowing multiple slots per version would require significant VDB
changes. Unfortunately we're still stuck with using VDB as-is whilst
EAPIs 0, 1 or 2 hang around...

Ciaran McCreesh

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