On 14:56 Fri 12 Sep     , Doug Goldstein wrote:
> Petteri Räty wrote:
> > Icedtea has two release tracks. One for the 1.7 OpenJDK code base and
> > one for the 1.6 code base. They have independent version numbering so
> > they can have collisions. By moving the slot to the file name we could
> > have icedtea-1.2:1.6.ebuildN and icedtea-1.2:1.7.ebuildN. This
> > particular situation can be worked around of course but it might also
> > be better to keep the slot in the file name any way because I often
> > find myself needing to know the slot of an ebuild (adjutrix -k of
> > course already does this for me quite nicely).
> >
> > Regards,
> > Petteri
> >
> What's wrong with icedtea17-1.2 and icedtea16-1.2, because if its two
> different code bases that come up with two different tarballs that could
> be versioned differently or same that is the definition of a different
> package.

Have you considered reordering the versions it slightly, like this?

  icedtea-1.7.${version} (SLOT=1.7)
  icedtea-1.6.${version} (SLOT=1.6)

This allows you to keep it in the same package name and thus be more 
similar to how upstream handles it. The SLOT still allows for useful 
dependencies, and people installing "any icedtea" will automatically get 
the newest one without having to somehow choose which of multiple 
package names is right.


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