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On 22:21 Fri 12 Sep     , Petteri Räty wrote:
I do know how to get around it, I did state that in my original email. As it happens we are having a discussion on gentoo-java mailing list on whether we should use icedtea-<openjdk build>.<icedtea version>.ebuild or have different packages for the different slots. One of the upstream authors argues for the icedtea6 approach but to me it seems a bit Debianish but I agree with him on that is not that clean either.

I also agree that it's not clean. Perhaps you could encourage your friendly upstream developers to have a versioning system that doesn't suck?

Well if we strictly follow upstream naming and versioning then we don't need the two part version numbers but end up with packages named icedtea and icedtea6.


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