On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Ciaran McCreesh
> On Thu, 9 Oct 2008 09:25:55 -0500
> Donnie Berkholz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> On 05:30 Wed 01 Oct     , Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> > If you have something you'd wish for us to chat about, maybe even
>> > vote on, let us know !  Simply reply to this e-mail for the whole
>> > Gentoo dev list to see.
>> Nothing was submitted, so there will be no meeting today. We'll have
>> a meeting in 2 weeks if anything comes up or if I missed something
>> that for some reason was not posted in response to the usual
>> announcement thread.
> I'm guessing it's too late to ask the Council to discuss the "EAPI 2 is
> brokened :(" thread? What would be the earliest the Council would be
> able to make a decision upon that? Unfortunately it's something that
> could get messy if left for too long.

All I see in the thread is you bringing up a known issue and then
everyone telling you it will be fixed or is in the process of being

What kind of improvements are you looking for?  Be specific.

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