Fabian Groffen wrote:
Most notably, in Prefix all keywords are full GLEP53 style, which
results in e.g. amd64-linux.  We did this on purpose, because in Prefix
we don't necessarily are on Gentoo Linux.  We also chose to expand fbsd,
nbsd and obsd to their long variants, mainly because the short variants
might clash in the future, for e.g. OpenBSD, OliveBSD or PicoBSD,
polyBSD or DragonflyBSD, DesktopBSD.  (At some point we were a bit

I would like to hear some opinions on the keywords in general, as well
as the particular problem of having Gentoo Linux, and a Linux supported
by Gentoo Prefix.  Right now there is just the difference of "-linux"
appended, however this is not the clearest distinction between the two.
Perhaps using KEYWORDS for Prefix keywords is not the best thing to do,
and should we use something like PREFIX_KEYWORDS?

Ignoring the bit about how to name the keywords.. ;)

I am undecided about Prefix keywords in the normal KEYWORDS variable. In particular, we are overloading the -linux keyword to mean that it will run on any linux that Gentoo Prefix supports. This includes, Gentoo, RHEL, SLES, FreeMint, $OTHER.

Is there any problem with "overloading" the keywords like that? If not, then it shouldn't be a problem to keep prefix keywords in the KEYWORDS field. OTOH, I don't think we should add another variable to ebuilds.



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