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> > No, x64 is the marketing name Microsoft made up for x86_64 (aka
> > amd64, ia32e and Intel 64), as "Windows for x86_64" doesn't sound
> > that sexy, and was later adopted by Sun and others. 
> > ia64/Itanium doesn't have any other alias names AFAIK.
> We simply found that:
> - amd64 is misleading
> - em64t would be more to the point for some?
> - x64 is what the vendors (Apple, Sun) advertise themselves
> - amd64 doesn't make any sense for a Mac
> - x64 is more like x86, whereas the complement of amd64 would more be
>   i386 or ia32, but we wanted to avoid x86_64, x8664, so x64

why?  x86_64 is the proper name for the architecture. (includes amd64,
em64t, and via isaiah)

your bikeshed though, i guess.  you can paint it whatever you want.  ;)

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