Hi all:

Reading a random discussion in our dev mailling list, I came with a
doubt about our new EAPI policy and its procedures. I couldn't find it
documented nor discussed anywhere so I bringing it here.

Supposing that anyone can currently add an ebuild using EAPI-2 under the
testing branch: what are we going to do if an EAPI-2 ebuild (which are
only managed by ~arch package managers) needs to go stable due to some
kind of major reason like security? 

Hypothetical case: foo-1 (eapi-0) marked as stable and foo-2 (eapi-2)
with new features marked as testing. A security problem appears
affecting both. UPSTREAM release foo-3 to solve the security issue.

There are some others sceneries but are not so common as the one presented
could be. Any decent solution for this case?

Jose Luis Rivero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Gentoo/Doc Gentoo/Alpha

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