Hi there!

I'm working on a "cross" compilation to native windows from an Interix
Gentoo Prefix, using the normal Prefix portage tree. My setup is nearly
the same as when really cross compiling, except that I can execute what
I compile.

I use command line utilities (DEPEND atoms) from Interix, and all others
(RDEPEND, PDEPEND) from winnt.

Now some package of mine in a local overlay requires bison and flex.
It's quite hard to get those to build _and_ work on winnt, so I though
about splitting the bison ebuilds in dev-util/bison and
dev-libs/bison-runtime (and the same for flex). What do you think about
this? Before we started using portage at our company I built the
runtimes only for winnt, so I know this works (for me)... 

Is there any better Idea around?

Cheers, Markus

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