> In anticipation of getting GCC 4.3 stabilized sometime, I'd like to
> ask maintainers check if their current stable packages build with
> 4.3, and if not please stabilize a version that does in the near
> future if at all possible.  Stabilizing this version is going to be a
> huge job due to the number of packages that don't compile due to
> implicit C++ standard library header dependencies that got cleaned up
> in 4.3.[i], so anything you could do ahead of time to save our sanity
> would be greatly appreciated.

 Is there a bug that is blocked by such stabilisation requests?  We had
such a thing on the GCC 4 transition (apart from the normal porting
tracker) and was really handy.  I will rebuild three x86 systems (one
totally stable, two mostly) to check.


Christian Faulhammer, Gentoo Lisp project
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