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Mark Loeser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Arch teams will normally have 30 days from the day a bug was filed,
> keyworded STABLEREQ, the arch was CCed, and the maintainer either
> filed the bug or commented that it was OK to stabilize (clock starts
> when all of these conditions are met).

30 days is a minimum, not a maximum.

> If an ebuild meets the time criteria above, and there are no
> technical issues preventing stabilization, then the maintainer MAY
> choose to delete an older version even if it is the most recent
> stable version for a particular arch.

All this does is screw over users. The impact of a forced downgrade is
far higher than the impact of leaving things in the tree for as long as
is necessary.

You are proposing giving maintainers carte blanche to screw over users
and encouraging rather than reducing the kind of "us vs them" behaviour
that a few package maintainers like to engage in where arch teams are
treated as being in the way rather than there to help.

Ciaran McCreesh

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