Why it's so hard not to delete ebuilds from the tree? Also it was
already discussed that if maintainer wishes he/she could drop some
keywords from old ebuild, e.g. if you have more recent version of
package stabilized on arch, just drop arch keyword from the old ebuild.

В Пнд, 10/11/2008 в 20:21 -0500, Richard Freeman пишет:
> I guess the question is whether package maintainers should be forced
> to maintain packages that are outdated by a significant period of
> time. Suppose something breaks a package that is 3 versions behind
> stable on all archs but one (where it is the current stable).  Should
> the package maintainer be required to fix it, rather than just delete
> it?  I suspect that the maintainer would be more likely to just leave
> it broken, which doesn't exactly leave things better-off for the end
> users.

The package maintainer just should add depend on stabilization bug and
leave resolution of the issue to arch team. Package maintainer already
fixed things on his end so he has nothing to do...


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