Michael Hammer wrote:
The wiki can be a staging ground for user contributed documents, which can
become part of official docs after a review and cleanup by developers.

...as long as they use a compatible license, is not the case right now (and never was, IIRC).

That's the way I intended my proposal. As some kind of early state GDP
documents. It's an unwritten fact that user are willing to contribute
to wiki systems - but I've never received an xml file for our GDP
written by a user ;) ... The wiki can be the place to develop new
howtos by disburding the devs - IMHO.

Contrary to popular belief, we (the GDP) don't require submissions in any particular format. We have plenty of monkeys that can convert just about anything to our fancy internal format. We do our best to communicate this fact to other people in Gentoo, but apparently it's a tough job, as I don't recall much submissions in non-XML form.


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