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> Petteri Räty demis ki::
> > Michael Hammer wrote:
> > We should develop some kind of review process and at least the
> > possiblity to lock and hide pages of poor quality. In the most cases
> > the howtos are related to some herds. What if we have a "reviewed
> > section" where herds can approve pages and user can be sure that the
> > infos provided have a minimum of quality.
> > 
> > We already have a reviewed section. It's called GDP.

You're fully right! The GDP can therefore be the reviewed sections
where documents from the wiki are transfered to.

> The wiki can be a staging ground for user contributed documents, which can
> become part of official docs after a review and cleanup by developers.

That's the way I intended my proposal. As some kind of early state GDP
documents. It's an unwritten fact that user are willing to contribute
to wiki systems - but I've never received an xml file for our GDP
written by a user ;) ... The wiki can be the place to develop new
howtos by disburding the devs - IMHO.

g, mueli

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