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> В Вск, 16/11/2008 в 15:33 -0600, Ryan Hill пишет:
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> > > - FEATURES=test failures;
> > ********************************
> And what we are supposed to do if upstream states that tests are not
> supposed to be ran on users systems and exists for package development
> only? For example one upstream states that the purpose of tests is to
> test integrity of the program itself and not program's environment and
> he (upstream) is pretty sure that program works as designed...

I think in this case RESTRICTing the tests or running them but not
die-ing on fail would be fine.

> Also relevant question: some tests require root privileges. What we
> should do in such case?

When I asked this previously I was told to check the current user's
permissions before running them.  I haven't had a case where I've had
to though.

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