Ok, it seems there are no objections so I will implement
NETBEANS_MODULES within several hours. We also discussed whether to use
NETBEANS_MODULES in USE_EXPAND at #gentoo-dev and agreed on that it will
be ok to implement it.

Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)
Gentoo Java Team

Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog) napsal(a):
> Hi,
> I'd like to add NETBEANS to USE_EXPAND. Netbeans (www.netbeans.org) is
> modular IDE with 18 modules (clusters). Users can freely choose what
> support thay want to build in netbeans, though some modules need other
> modules to compile and work. Are there any objections?
> Here are the modules/clusters:
> IUSE_NETBEANS="+netbeans_apisupport netbeans_cnd netbeans_groovy
> netbeans_gsf +netbeans_harness +netbeans_ide netbeans_identity
> netbeans_j2ee +netbeans_java netbeans_mobility +netbeans_nb netbeans_php
> netbeans_profiler netbeans_soa netbeans_visualweb netbeans_webcommon
> netbeans_websvccommon netbeans_xml"
> Btw, there is also request for this in bugzilla:
> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=211455
> I'd like to put the ebuild in the main tree soon as upstream just
> released it and we have in the tree only 5.5.1 which is very old.
> Thanks for your comments.
> Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)
> Gentoo Java Team

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