Thank you both for the suggestions, I fixed these issues in updated netbeans-6.5-r1.

Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)
Gentoo Java Team

Jeremy Olexa napsal(a):
Peter Volkov wrote:
В Сбт, 22/11/2008 в 18:11 +0000, Miroslav Sulc (fordfrog) пишет:
fordfrog    08/11/22 18:11:25
  Added:                netbeans-6.5-r1.ebuild
Log: netbeans compiles fine even with JDK 1.6 so I dropped the restriction on JDK, also commons-fileupload linking fixed

Index: netbeans-6.5-r1.ebuild
pkg_setup() {
if use netbeans_modules_apisupport && ! ( use netbeans_modules_harness && use netbeans_modules_ide && use netbeans_modules_java ) ; then eerror "'apisupport' USE flag requires 'harness', 'ide' and 'java' USE flags"

Additionally, 'apisupport', 'harness', 'ide' and 'java' are not USE flags. You have to set NETBEANS_MODULES, not USE. You can easily test this by trying "NETBEANS_MODULES="apisupport" USE="java" emerge -pv netbeans" and see that netbeans_modules_java does not get set.

        exit 1

Why do you use exit 1 instead of die?

    local tmpfileplatform="${T}/platform.txt"
cat ${tmpfile} | grep -v "libs.jna/external/jna-3.0.2.jar" > ${tmpfileplatform}
    mv ${tmpfileplatform} ${tmpfile}

grep can read files on it's own so no need for cat file | grep... Also possibly

sed -e "/libs\.jna\/external\/jna-3\.0\.2\.jar/d" -i ${tmpfile}

will work better here and in some other places...

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