Seems that we already have everything you dreamed about:

Take a look at PORTAGE_ELOG_SYSTEM. It even can send that messages by
mail :)


В Вск, 30/11/2008 в 09:25 -0700, Joe Peterson пишет:
> Bottom line here is that there is extremely valuable and critical info
> in our emerge output.  In a way, these messages are like Gentoo-specific
> READMEs (or release notes and/or install instructions).  However, it is
> not saved for a user to use as a resource later (well, except that it is
> partially saved in the master emerge.log, but that's not quite useful
> enough).  There is no "official" place to go to look for Gentoo
> instructions; /usr/share/doc is one logical place, but it only contains
> files actually installed, not the notes output by emerge (and these are
> usually upstream-supplied, not Gentoo).
> I propose that, upon merging a package, we save the emerge messages in
> either: 1) a package-specific file that resides somewhere "official" or
> 2) in the portage DB, so that the messages can be re-read via a portage
> utility.  In the latter case, either a new option to "equery" or a new
> "q" command (e.g. "equery readme <pkg>" or "qreadme <pkg>" could
> retrieve the text).
> In either case, there would then be a place to go that is known and
> consistent (and can be documented in the Gentoo doc).  It could, in
> essense, serve as a kind of "Gentoo package README" collection.  I could
> also imagine later expanding on this by letting a given package also
> include more thorough README info from a file if the maintainer so desires.

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