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> Peter Volkov wrote:
> > Seems that we already have everything you dreamed about: 
> > 
> > http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=3&chap=1#doc_chap4
> > 
> > Take a look at PORTAGE_ELOG_SYSTEM. It even can send that messages
> > by mail :)
> This is all cool, indeed!  :)
> I suspect, however, that most users have never played with these
> variables.  I think that saving this info in the portage db or making
> it more default/official in some way could be a great help.  The core
> problem is, I think, that many users do not know where to look when
> having trouble, so they may not even realize that what they need is in
> the log info.

How more official can you get?  :P  By default we do save the logs, and
we provide a complete logging facility that can even log to syslog,
mail them to you, or run arbitrary commands.  We link to the
build log on build failure.  We reprint all log messages at the end of
the emerge by default.  If the user ignores these, and doesn't read the
manual, then...

I think educating the user about systems we already have in place beats
adding new ones.

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