Joe Peterson wrote:
> Peter Volkov wrote:
>> Seems that we already have everything you dreamed about: 
>> Take a look at PORTAGE_ELOG_SYSTEM. It even can send that messages by
>> mail :)
> This is all cool, indeed!  :)
> I suspect, however, that most users have never played with these
> variables.  I think that saving this info in the portage db or making it
> more default/official in some way could be a great help.  The core
> problem is, I think, that many users do not know where to look when
> having trouble, so they may not even realize that what they need is in
> the log info.

The info is there, but most users never read more than part 1 of the
Handbook (that is, the installation part). We could, and should in my
opinion, add a big fat warning towards the end of the installation part,
that there is extremely useful information to be found in the other
parts of the Handbook. Maybe we could especially mention some of the
more useful topics, and the elog system would be one of them.

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux developer (lxde, media, desktop-misc)
Gentoo Linux Release Engineering PR liaison


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