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tree and my policies (more precisely: I can't keep current stable portage and cmake-2.6.2). My solution to the problem, was to copy the ebuild in /var/db/pkg to my local overlay and I'm fine with it for now. The drawback of this workaround is, I could miss important fixes, like security fixes.


the cmake-2.6.2 ebuild. This has the advantage, that people with a setup like mine can continue to use, what they already use and work on the cmake ebuild can continue in the new revision. If the new revision fixes a security issue, one can mask the old version, with a message with bug telling this.

Just FYI, there's no difference -- when you've chosen to use the ~arch version, you *have* to follow any updates to it as soon as possible if you want to be reasonably sure you aren't affected by a security bug, as our security team doesn't issue GLSAs for ~arch packages. Sticking with a version that works for you doesn't mean you're somehow protected form security bugs.

So to put this into perspective with cmake -- if there was a security bug in current version (which you'd keep as you don't want to upgrade Portage) and the fix for this bug would be using EAPI=2 (which is not an unrealistic situation), you'd be affected.


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