On 23:35 Tue 09 Dec     , Federico Ferri wrote:
> Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> > As I mentioned on IRC, I think this isn't a very general use case 
> > (given the existence of --resume, --keep-going, etc.) so code to 
> > accomplish it
> the point was not resuming my emerge because the laptop hung. was more 
> like: tracking which compiler built which package or vice-versa
> > would be better put into a custom portage bashrc than into portage
> >  proper.
> yes, that makes sense. it could be an external tool, like 
> revdep-rebuild is, which queries compiler by pkg, and eventually 
> rebuilds packages (not) matching a certain compiler.
> but to accomplish this, an information about the compiler (in the pkg 
> record) should be there. something like 
> /var/db/pkg/<cat>/<pkg>/COMPILER

The point is solving the right problem in the right way. It seems like 
you're starting with a solution you've picked and are working backward 
to find a good use case & problem for it.


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