why offlist?

Robert R. Russell wrote:
Stabilization reports for ~xorg-x11 and the ~xf86-video-intel drivers aren't likely to go any where given the number of issues people are asking about on the forums

But the important thing is that you notify the maintainers that you're in trouble. That may encourage them to focus more on the remaining blockers. But at the very minimum it makes them aware, and it serves as documentation for others who may hit the same problem.

and the time taken to fix even simple bugs like this one https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=227895

You can't judge the whole of Gentoo on your experience with one bug. It is also not an excuse for not filing the bugs, even if they take a while to get fixed. A user reporting the problem is just as significant as a developer fixing it.

A more accurate guide to what the devs want on a filed bug report or a reply to a bug report( patches to the ebuilds, patches to the software, and the like) would help me out in giving the devs what they need or want.

Suggestions appreciated. My advice would be, if something is broken, then file a bug (after doing some sanity checking to attempt to confirm it's not your fault, and nobody else has filed it).

As far as the kile stabilization report, what priority do stabilization reports need? Do I need to give exact details on what doesn't work in the old version compared to the new version, which is unlikely because I can't even remember the problem that forced an upgrade?

I wouldn't bother with the priority field. But information on the benefits and importance of stabling is important. Give developers motivation to fix the bug, by describing what problems the stabilisation solves.

The end of school will also help with the bug filling rate going up in the next week or so.



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