Joe Peterson <> posted,
excerpted below, on  Mon, 15 Dec 2008 15:43:11 -0700:

>> I don't think it's our responsibility to put documentation everywhere
>> someone might conceivably look for information.
> I agree with this statement, but I wasn't implying we should duplicate
> information everywhere.  I wanted to explore this as an opportunity to
> re-think if having an official "de facto" spot for "gentoo readmes"
> would make sense, thereby saving log output in a useful place where
> users would learn to look regularly.  I agree this would only be
> reasonable if it were the right thing, architecturally, for Gentoo, not
> just for this one user's issue.

That suggests an interesting possibility to me.  Let's see if anyone else 
likes it.

What about some place on the web, maybe on packages, having a single 
location with all the standard messages, listed by package and version.  
I'm picturing a single reference location where someone can look up the 
package and see all the routine postinst messages, etc, that it spits 
out.  Perhaps treat metapackages such that they group together all the 
messages from the collected sub-packages.

Then when we (as users) think about a big upgrade, we can go and research 
just what sort of thing the package maintainers already anticipate, and 
can thus better prepare ourselves.

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