Exhibit A:

This causes me pain on my hosts that don't have >=bash-3.1[0] for
/bin/bash. Because I can't install portage with an old bash until I
get a new python installed which uses python.eclass which isn't
supported with my /bin/bash (quite circular indeed)

Technically there are workarounds for me...but it is still annoying.
So...what do we do? A) Specifically allow >=bash-3.1 features in
ebuilds/eclasses. or B) revert the commit because the PMS says[1] that
we comply with >bash-3.0

Please discuss, thanks.

[0]: See bash CHANGES file. "+=" is new to bash-3.1
[1]: "The ebuild file format is in its basic form a subset of the
format of a bash script. The interpreter is assumed to be GNU bash,
version 3.0 or later." -Chapter 6 "Ebuild File Format" [2]
[2]: http://dev.gentoo.org/~ferdy/pms/pms-eapi-2-approved-2008-09-25.pdf

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