Maybe I should have filed this as a bug, but don't have a clue to which
package should I assign it, if any.

I was forced to switch baselayout from stable 1.12.11* to 2.0.0, which
triggered openrc install etc. I did all that etc , then after some time
I noticed that system doesn't respond to PnP events.

So I started looking around and have noticed that I have no
/etc/init.d/hald and that hal daemon never gets called during boot.

Then I tried to find alternate hald starting mechanism, but couldn't
find any. I did "emerge -pv system | grep hal" and noticed that hal
damon is not part of the system, but it is part of the world and it gets
reemerged if I unmerge it, since 15-something packages depend on it
throuh "hal" use flag.

I took a peek at old and new baselayout and all openrc packages in tree
I emerged ( 0.3 and 0.4.0). Their tar.bz2 files have nothing even
remotely like /etc/init.d/hald

Is this a bug or some kind of omission from my part ?



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