Branko Badrljica <> posted, excerpted below, on  Mon, 22 Dec 2008
05:18:32 +0100:

> Maybe I should have filed this as a bug, but don't have a clue to which
> package should I assign it, if any.

FWIW, this would have been a perfect question for the gentoo-desktop 
list, but doesn't really belong on the -dev list.  There's also the 
gentoo-user list, altho that one has very heavy volume so you might not 
wish to subscribe there.  I know you didn't know where to post, so this 
is simply for future reference.  Try to keep the -dev list for technical 
dev discussion, as every post the devs have to deal with here is time 
they can't be spending on fixing packages. =:^(

> I was forced to switch baselayout from stable 1.12.11* to 2.0.0, which
> triggered openrc install etc. I did all that etc , then after some time
> I noticed that system doesn't respond to PnP events.
> So I started looking around and have noticed that I have no
> /etc/init.d/hald and that hal daemon never gets called during boot.

> Then I tried to find alternate hald starting mechanism, but couldn't
> find any. I did "emerge -pv system | grep hal" and noticed that hal
> damon is not part of the system, but it is part of the world and it gets
> reemerged if I unmerge it, since 15-something packages depend on it
> throuh "hal" use flag.

equery belongs /etc/init.d/hald
[ Searching for file(s) /etc/init.d/hald in *... ]
sys-apps/hal-0.5.11-r4 (/etc/init.d/hald)

So did you actually remerge hal?  What version?  The above hal-0.5.11-r4 
is the ~arch version, but -r1 appears to be the latest stable (except for 
arm and sh, on which is latest stable) and at least my 
archived binpkg -r1 has /etc/init.d/hald as well.  Even my oldest 
archived hal-0.5.10 binpkg has that file.  So if it's not being created 
when you remerge hal and you aren't running something terribly outdated, 
I'd say it's time to look up hal bugs, and to file one if necessary.

(As above, please post anything further on the topic to the desktop list, 
which I read as well, to keep the dev list from getting too cluttered.  

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