Doug Goldstein wrote:
> Petteri Räty wrote:
>> Branko Badrljica wrote:
>>> Since I might not be the only tinkerer on Gentoo to try stuff like that
>>> and since it took me a day to find this, maybe it wouldn't hurt to check
>>> for this kind of thing in portage ?
>>> At the very least failed cp should stop emerge...
>> Well there isn't a single place to add die statements. The important
>> thing is for ebuild developers to remember to add || die to all stuff
>> that could potentially fail. If you find the cp in question that failed
>> for you, the right place to file bugs is
>> Regards,
>> Petteri
> Looks like people have been truly over-zealous when removing "die"
> statements from ebuilds lately. I've added back to HAL an assortment of
> "die" statements.
> I hope this hasn't happened in too many other ebuilds.

Who has been removing die statements? Is this a suggested way of action
somewhere by someone?


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