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Hello everyone,

~ A while ago there was a discussion about the new expat USE flag in dev-lang/python. The flag was first introduced by Vapier on December 08th.

~ While having expat USE flag may be of great use for embedded systems or in bootstrapping/releasing phases, it is not so in both in Gentoo related projects and software in general. Vapier fixed this by making the USE flag +expat.

~ Now, the issue is many people, me included, don't like that name for the USE flag for a variety of reasons one of them being that expat doesn't correlate directly with the use of xml in python provided that developers may choose another lib for handling xml other than that, like libxml2.

~ I want to change the USE flag to something else if people don't like 'build' and make it 'minimal' or 'embedded' as Nirbheek suggested/ <mailto:nirbheek.chau...@gmail.com>//. /I think that is more suitable to the problem at hand. I don't want to start a silly fuss over this, just that there are some version bumps I'd like to make, but I would like to have a consensus on this before I make the bumps.

~   What do you think?

Best regards,

~    Jesus Rivero (Neurogeek)
~    Gentoo Dev - Python team
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