On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 8:27 AM, Ben de Groot <yng...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> Zac Medico wrote:
>> Nevermind, apparently GLEP 31 already requires ASCII anyway:
>>   http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/glep/glep-0031.html
> The way I read that GLEP is that in ChangeLog and metadata.xml
> we should accept the full range of UTF-8.

I read that as "contents of portage tree should be in UTF-8, file
paths should be in ASCII"

"It is proposed that UTF-8 ([1]) is used for encoding ChangeLog and
metadata.xml files inside the portage tree."

"[...]it is proposed that UTF-8 is used as the official encoding for
ebuild and eclass files"

"Patches must clearly be in the same character set as the file they
are patching."

"Characters outside the ASCII 0..127 range cannot safely be used for
file or directory names"

It is also worth mentioning that Python 3K uses UTF-8 as the default
encoding for it's files rather than ASCII as Python 2.X did. Why
should *we* go backwards? :p

~Nirbheek Chauhan

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