Petteri Räty wrote:
> 2) EAPI in file extension
>   - Allows changing global scope and the internal format of the ebuild
>   a) .ebuild-<eapi>
>     - ignored by current Portage
>   b) .<eapi>.ebuild
>     - current Portage does not work with this
>   c) .<eapi>.<new extension>
>     - ignored by current Portage

I have been thinking about this specific option. I will admit I don't
know if this has already been noted, but would this create the
possibility of multiple ebuilds with the same $C/$P-$PV?

Currently the filesystem enforces the uniqueness of that tuple, will
that uniqueness be allowed to lapse? (i.e. allow multiple ebuilds for
the same $C/$P-$PV with different EAPIs?)

If not, how is anyone proposing to enforce the uniqueness here?

Just a silly thought...

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