Doug Goldstein wrote:
> Granted the people I've recently talked to about this or the people I
> remember bringing this issue up in the past had this happen to them
> before we had this firm policy in place so really you're addressing a
> lot of the issues.
> But the whole act of making them go through all the hoops as a brand new
> developer is somewhat put off-ish to people wanting to come back. I
> honestly can't think of one developer that's come back and hasn't been
> up in arms about being made to go through all the hoops of a new developer.

The quizzes haven't changed that radically in the last couple of year.
Personally I wouldn't want people who have been inactive for ages to
just start committing as their information is more quite likely
outdated. Doesn't the fact that they complain about having to do work to
answer the quizzes prove this?


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