Le 22/03/2009 19:22, Nirbheek Chauhan a écrit :
The ${PV} in the patch name is a quick indication of the age of a
patch, the gnome herd especially *encourages* this behavior.

What I used to do back when I was still bumping packages in the Gnome Herd, I would version the patch, but I would use "${PN}-2.22-fix-foo.patch" for patch names.

It feels like the best of both worlds to me :
 - versionned patches (we know when we started shipping it)
 - easy bumping (no need to edit the ebuild)

The only downside is that cleaning up takes a couple more seconds since I have to check if patch 2.20 is used or not by packages 2.24...

But overall, it's bikeshedding. Git (or any other half decent SCM) should be able to compress identical patches down to a single blob.

My 2¢


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