On 3/23/09 1:44 AM, Jeremy Olexa wrote:
> Alin Năstac wrote:
> <snip>
>> Fine, then remove $PV from patch name and use it in any ebuild version
>> you want. Or just decouple the patch version from the ebuild version
>> (foo-bar-r1.patch sounds OK to me).
> What exactly is your problem that you are trying to solve here?
> Posting to the community to stop doing something without providing
> reasons to stop is not going to go anywhere. I like having the PV in
> the patch name..so, you haven't convinced me.
IMO prefixing a patch name with $P creates the perception that the patch
is used only from ebuild version $PV. Apparently we do not agree on this
so there is not much more I can tell to convince others.

I suppose what everyone does in their part of the tree is their
business, but a small subset of packages I maintain have other
maintainers as well. It is annoying to see rules you assume being
respected on your ebuilds being broken at every bump made by others.

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