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> For what it's worth (probably not much) I think Foundation is
> functioning now.  At least, we are legal again, have bylaws, and a real
> bank account.

I should have stated so directly, but FWIW I agree.  I'm on the NFP list 
as I have been since 2004 (when I started with Gentoo), so I know the 
general status.

I did say I thought that was the low point and that Gentoo had turned the 
corner since then, but given that I DID list it as a low point, it would 
have been only proper to specifically mention that I think it has come 
back from the brink (which it was over, but you guys pulled it back! =:^) 

So thanks for pointing that out, and thanks too, to you and the other 
foundation folks, for all the time and effort you've put into pulling it 
back from over the brink, as you have.  That's no small thing, even if by 
original design the foundation is separated enough from the day-to-day 
and technical Gentoo side that it seldom comes up here or in most other 
Gentoo discussions, and few enough even know about it, let alone stop to 
say thanks once in awhile.  It's certainly not every dev (or user, as I 
am) that either has the skills for that sort of thing, or even cares 
about it, so the least we can do is give you a round of thanks for taking 
on what most of us would prefer not even to have to think about at all.

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