On Monday 04 May 2009 18:54:09 Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> Peter Faraday Weller wrote:
> > On a more serious note, the problem seems to be the complete lack of
> > management in the required places, Gentoo is fast becoming (or more
> > likely, already is) an anarchic organisation, where it's becoming
> > nigh-on impossible to keep track of things.
> >
> > I see a number of issues with Gentoo these days. The lack of a proper
> > leadership body. Lack of people working together in unison. The tree
> > needs to be sorted out: we have >16000 packages, and 200-250 developers,
> > not all of which are ebuild developers) - We're still using CVS, we do
> > *not* have the manpower to keep all the packages updated properly using
> > a centralised VCS. If these issues were fixed, I don't know/care how
> > they do get fixed, but if they were, I might consider coming back.
> Hi,
> am I the only one to see a contradiction here? You criticise a
> centralised VCS and anarchism/lack of unison work at the same time.
> Wouldn't that be even worse with a distributed VCS then? :)
I dont think so. Centralized or distributed VCS does not have to do anything 
about the hierarchical structure of Gentoo.
> I think it would. Also too much use of overlays seems bad to me
Depends of course on how each team/dev uses the overlay. Some of us use the 
overlays as testing places which is much better than pushing ebuilds directly 
to tree without extensive testing :)
> (yeah
> the Java team is very guilty here :) and the idea of splitting tree to
> overlays (which pops up from time to time) is just nonsense IMHO.
> It seems that some people think distributed VCS (git) is a silver bullet
> that will fix everything? 
Certainly it will help development a lot. Take a look on git overlays ( qting-
edge,kde-testing etc ). The commit and bugfix rates are incredible because the 
VCS is amazingly fast. Using cvs, you need at least 2' for a simple commit of 
a single ebuild. Using git you can push 300 ebuilds at the same time. Imaging 
the difference... Git is an extra motivation ( at least for me :/ )
> Or pushing more and more EAPI's will?
No... As I said before Gentoo is quite understaffed. First we need people. Then 
we can concentrate on features :)
> If more people agree on the lack of focus, then we should do something
> about it, instead of hoping that using better tools fixes it themselves.
Any ideas?
Markos Chandras (hwoarang)
Gentoo Linux Developer [KDE/Qt/Sunrise/Sound]
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