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> On Monday, 4. May 2009 19:06:12 George Prowse wrote:
>> Peter Faraday Weller wrote:
>>> Hi....
>>> Thanks,
>>> welp
>> Sad to hear it mate.
>> As the person who did your first install for you (i think) I think you
>> will be missed.
>> I am quite surprised about what you said about the state of things
>> because i've got the distinct impression from others that Gentoo has
>> been improving in the past 12 months.
>> About the lack of the developers, something I proposed about 3 years ago
>> might be applicable: has Gentoo ever thought about doing a "Dev Day" in
>> much the same way as the "Bug Days"? Advertise a day where people can
>> come and have a chat with developers and get coached because there is a
>> vast amount of people and knowledge out there and I never see anything
>> about Gentoo wanting people.
>> If you book them, they will come.
>> G
> and I would be the first to come
> Mario

For those, who can work with IRC and are interested in working with ebuilds, 
there is already an option:

Join #gentoo-dev-help or even better #gentoo-sunrise and read the documentation 
from the topic. The
Sunrise Overlay (with the #gentoo-sunrise IRC channel) is open for everyone 
willing to learn and
contribute to it. Even normal users can get access, learn how to create 
ebuilds, how to improve them
and how to maintain them.
As a starting point, this is a central overlay, where ebuilds are maintained, 
that dont get a
developer as maintainer because of missing manpower. Additionally, all 
contributors learn the ebuild
development work themselves.

And if you are willing to learn and do continuously good work, there is a good 
chance that you may
level up to a developer yourself someday. You want an example? This was my way 
to become a full
Gentoo developer. ;-)

So at least for ebuild maintainence, there are good starting points (probably 
other projects also
have training grounds like the java or kde herds), the bigger problem may be 
the communication
between potential new developers and the current developer base and our options 
to become a new

Thomas Sachau

Gentoo Linux Developer

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