Markos Chandras wrote:
Even a "volunteer-driven" organization needs some "standard" rules in order to survive. From time to time this "volunteer" moto is what some people consider as "anarchy"

As far as survival goes - I think the rumors of Gentoo's death are greatly exaggerated. I certainly agree that we need standards, but as far as I can tell those exist.

I'm not exactly sure what the actual problem is. What resolvable issue is directly impacting the Gentoo community, and how would things actually be better if that issue didn't exist? What is the itch that needs scratching?

I don't see developers putting QA violations into the portage tree left and right. For the most part I'd say the level of abuse in bugzilla is down and continues to trend down. Sure, manpower is limited, but the solution to that isn't to tell the people who are here to "work harder or quit" (which means quit) but instead to recruit more help. Arch teams seem to be generally doing a good job keeping up with STABLEREQs on the major archs - if you use a minor arch that isn't as well supported I'm sure we'd be happy to have more help.

Is the issue anarchy, or the bazaar model in general? You can't always have it both ways...

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