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> Christian Faulhammer <fa...@gentoo.org> posted
> 20090506083356.4a561...@gentoo.org, excerpted below, on  Wed, 06 May 2009
> 08:33:56 +0200:
> > Apart from growing into your job (that's what happened with me),
> > recruiters do quite long IRC sessions with the applicant.  Apart from
> > questions not found in the quiz they want people to elaborate on answers
> > they made.
> As others have occasionally noted, the assumption seems to be that 
> developers "do" IRC.  While it's certainly a useful thing for those that 
> do it, I believe I've seen a few developers speak up from time to time 
> that say they do little if any IRC at all, doing their Gentoo comms via 
> email (including the lists), bugs, and of course commits.  Does the way 
> remain open for such recruits?  This subthread would suggest not, that 
> IRC is now considered not just convenient or useful, but mandatory.  I'd 
> call that a shame, as it could well block otherwise productive potential 
> devs.

Are you suggesting that recruiters should do long e-mail exchanges with
the applicants instead, having no real time conversations, leading to no
idea about the applicants real knowledge (when there is not much time to
do research after a question is posed), attitude and so on?

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