On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 19:40 +0100, Roy Bamford wrote:
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> > The only issue I have with the idea is that projects with dead 
> > members
> > and slacking leaders are unlikely to perform such a task, so you'll
> > never get any updates from them, so devs will be demotivated to work
> > on
> > $project, and thus we enter the vicious cycle again...
> > 
> > welp
> > 
> Welp,
> Not so.
> These projects would be delegated upwards to the council and either 
> scrapped offically, or some recruitment process started to breath new 
> life into them.
> Maybe dead projects are cleaned like treecleaners ?

This actually sounds like a pretty good idea, and one that I might
actually be interested in.

Someone working within such a project would have to be in close
communication with most/all of the team leads within Gentoo. I feel that
this would be a better solution than asking for (semi-)regular updates
from the teams - having someone to have a chat with the team lead is
much less formal and more relaxed way of ensuring that things are well.
If it seems that the project is having problems staying alive, a call
for help could be put out. If there is no improvement, the project could
be referred to the Gentoo Council to see if it should be
removed/abolished, otherwise...

Opinions/ideas welpcome!


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