Peter Faraday Weller <> posted, excerpted below, on  Wed,
06 May 2009 21:41:54 +0100:

>> Maybe dead projects are cleaned like treecleaners ?
> This actually sounds like a pretty good idea, and one that I might
> actually be interested in.
> Someone working within such a project would have to be in close
> communication with most/all of the team leads within Gentoo. I feel that
> this would be a better solution than asking for (semi-)regular updates
> from the teams - having someone to have a chat with the team lead is
> much less formal and more relaxed way of ensuring that things are well.
> If it seems that the project is having problems staying alive, a call
> for help could be put out. If there is no improvement, the project could
> be referred to the Gentoo Council to see if it should be
> removed/abolished, otherwise...
> Opinions/ideas welpcome!

Hmm... and said person/project might do well to be in close contact with 
the council (maybe even /on/ the council) as well... which fits in rather 
nicely with the council election season coming up...

Talking about which, those considering running for council may wish to 
pay special attention to the current series of project status updates as 
well, with an eye toward any actions that may be needed to help out 
particular projects, and/or revive/close/merge others.

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