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> Hi,
> 2009/5/4 Thomas Sachau <to...@gentoo.org>
> >[snip]
> > For those, who can work with IRC and are interested in working with
> > ebuilds, there is already an option:
> >
> > Join #gentoo-dev-help or even better #gentoo-sunrise and read the
> > documentation from the topic. The Sunrise Overlay (with the
> > #gentoo-sunrise IRC channel) is open for everyone willing to learn
> > and contribute to it. Even normal users can get access, learn how to
> > create ebuilds, how to improve them and how to maintain them.
> > As a starting point, this is a central overlay, where ebuilds are
> > maintained, that dont get a developer as maintainer because of
> > missing manpower. Additionally, all contributors learn the ebuild
> > development work themselves.
> I think these are really good advise but I think we could improve the
> way users can help concerning maintainer-needed packages.
> dirtyepic made a funny entry on his blog [1] and darkside tried also
> to do something [2], but it seems to me that this alias is a black
> hole. For instance, the last bugday I tried to close some bugs. Some
> one them were assigned to maintainer-needed@,
> so I said on #gentoo-bugs that I've updated those bugs. Sometimes, a
> dev was watching and the issue was closed, but for others I have still
> no comments (Ok. I'm too impatient, but I'm not really confident. But
> some devs can still surprise me ;-) )
> I fully understand that looking at this type of bug is hard and
> boring. On the other hand, I know some devs who are willing to help
> and check patches. Since I don't think it would be a good practise to
> savagely CC' them, I propose to add a bug-with-patch alias or
> something like that.

many devs go through maintainer-needed bugs from time to time. i think the 
easy ones will get comitted fairly fast. instead of a bug-with-patch 
alias, i think a _easyfix_ alias could be more helpful. it could also be 
used by package maintainers, which dont have the time to do the _easyfix_ 
(rename version bump etc.)

sometimes the issue appears really simple, but it reallly isnt. in that 
case it would be nice, if it were deduceable from the bug, why no progress 
is being made.

also, i feel voting for bugs is completely underutilized. votes make it 
apparent to the developers which bugs bug a lot of people. the incentive 
to fix those first is there...


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