Ben de Groot wrote:
> We've been living with the 2008.0 profiles for a while now. I think the
> time has come for 2009.0 profiles so we can have some updates. Also,
> there are plans for an anniversary release of our LiveCD, so I think the
> time is right to start working on a new set of profiles.
> One reason I bring this up is that the Qt team would like to see the qt3
> useflag dropped from desktop profiles, and I'm sure others have some
> suggestions as well.

Haven't the devs just been making changes directly to the profiles since
at least autobuilds came about? I'm sure I've seen some global use flag
changes relatively recently. What is the actual policy on this?

It seems kind of pointless to me to tie global use flag changes to a
release cycle when per-package use flags are now changed "on a whim"
(with EAPI-2 style default use flags)

> Traditionally, the release team has taken care of this, as the profiles
> were tied to releases of install media and stage3 archives. Now that we
> have the autobuilds, this relationship isn't as self-evident anymore,
> which is why I address the wider dev community.

With the introduction of autobuilds, would it be a good idea to rename
the profiles so that they don't have the date association? This does
seem to confuse a number of new users who will appear asking where the
2009 profiles are.

What does Gentoo use versioned profiles for now that use flag changes,
in particular per-package use flags, don't seem to be linked at all.
What should they be used for?

Is this going to be another thing that isn't updated in the Handbooks?

> Please share your ideas on this.
> Cheers,
> Ben

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