Jeremy Olexa wrote:
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Thanks for the message, Jeremy; it's informative and appreciated!

> - xfce-config.xml: Josh
> (nightmorph) updated this, basically an after thought by us so thanks Josh!
> - xfce4-meta : former name xfce-base/xfce4. Renamed to reflect reality.
> This meta package is the *core* of XFCE, it *only* has in it what is
> required to run. Thus, returning XFCE to a minimalistic status in Gentoo
> Linux. This is desired because most XFCE users are looking for a
> lightweight WM, not a heavy DE. So, users will have to add a terminal,
> orage, thunar, etc to the world file instead of relying on a meta package.

I made sure to mention this in the Xfce guide after finding all this out
on my own . . . "the hard way." :) Take a look at emerge -p --depclean
output and go over the world file to see what's up on your system, using
emerge --noreplace foo to add stuff back in. And be sure to re-read the
Xfce guide if you're wondering which packages should prolly be kept.

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