On Friday 11 September 2009 19:48:03 George Prowse wrote:
> Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > ...
> Why not tie the the thing that makes Gentoo unique and one of the major
> reasons why users use it to the version numbers - Portage.
> We had 1.2, then 1.4 then 2004.0 and if i'm not mistaken portage is at
> 2.1 currently. Tie it in and we have 2.2 (currently masked) next. Add
> release candidates along the way and everyone is happy. But i'm sure
> there is a million reasons why this is wrong... Bring on the wrath.

these two things simply dont make sense to tie together.  profiles control the 
default configuration for your system (USE flags / build flags / etc...) while 
portage is a package manager.  version changes in the package manager dont 
directly relate in any way to the default configuration the user has selected.

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